Tuesday, 20 March 2012


[There is a conflicting love both the partners here are not familiar with earlier as the system is one the sense that deals with much search, and technological advancement gives complex promotions on relationships ]

If she believes her husband is old enough to cope with her forms and body surge, she will not try tofind it for another term from younger performer on her body’s need. A stout and healthy man of younger age may give her a sentence of love, and for this she stays with her husband to make arousal process, and then one night she makes a dent in the nearby retired person who at the very age of thirty two has come out from military service in order to get a civil life without any pension and or remuneration of his service, and he wants to stay alone, and wants to enjoy his life with single, without binding anything that may cause him to ponder over, and just he wants to ring and sing and then leave the site of excitement without any pacing widely on the day’s act.

It is an interesting behavior of the old man, he is stout than other men of the same age in the locality, yet he lives in weariness, because the woman who is now his wife, came five years’ ago to him on her own will, as she declared that she was exhausted on her husband who was younger to him and little older than her. She lived with his first for ten years having one child. Now she feels her first has not much interest in her, rather he is interest in the new girl friend that he picked up from the backdoor of friendship of his wife. And this becomes most irritating on her part to tolerate him as husband, and so she wants to have one close friend who is matured and had the signals of expressions and participation with the wonder in matured aged longing. And so she became investigative and entered into the world of choosing and discovering with the real life programmer, not like cinematic axioms of living with a man who has another woman in his life. And she files divorce case against her first and decides to have a mature and cool husband to live with, age is not a bar to her. 

One day, the old husband says to his younger wife,

-“Whatever you do with your body and mind, please talk with me patiently, as because you love me in your core of heart, yet you pass time in other place with our kid alone in home without mother, only accompanying a man, who happens to  be his father. And she is still younger to feel the reality.”

-“Yes dear, I do not leave this kid. Again I have to look after another kid who is now growing up in his uncle’s house, as I cannot give time to him. Please do not worry about me, as I am fixed with the life pattern that all others are enjoying….” She replies.

-“But some strange voice does call you Hey  from a little distance and I hear this sound with joint laughter when I telephone you when you stay at your mother’s house to see your kid there, and I think to ask you, but I have no taste in such queries.” He says.

-“Yes dear, he is my friend, he returns from his service and he lives alone with his one kid near my mother’s house, and I have had just talks with him. And I confess it, dear. Then tell me what is about your girl friend who just returned from her trip in an African country.” She says.

“Please my dear sweet lady, you are young and just think of your life and not feel love for a mad decision, rather a sublime thinking of life and love patterns, and please think about it, dear.”
The old husband says about it.

She said nothing, just make gesture of courtesy to say, “Yes, dear. It is true. I respect you. And there is not any confusion or misunderstanding between us.” And quits the conversation and engages her with own work.  

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