Sunday, 18 March 2012


We are standing on falsehood,
We cannot grow up in the blooms of love,
As if we are thrown up on a barren land
The lords are here to punish us if we object,
And we breathe the air that they allow,
The yellow sun and colorless ocean
Are living continuum of our life and love,
The lords make the sun yellow from red
The lords make the blue into sediment flowing,
All elements are sold earlier we are born,
And we move round and round, and mourn,
For our purchased fate, whereas some lords
Have enough to spend, enough for action,
Enough for rolling on our skins, we partake burden,
The lords take our swearing, they do not swear,
They have dreams, we have only black holes
Behind every move we are scapegoats for their escapes,
Under the hoods of sovereignty, they are masters,
We are hollow burdens of this land, we are wanders,
We have only the truth and right to have two matrixes
The birth and the death – the two truths of our live verse. 

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