Sunday, 18 March 2012


A young woman sends me a kiss message
With her beauty I take her worthy as guest,
That her presence dignifies my social web page,
It is my grand gift to accept her in her grace,
It is a great sermon on her dense hair to feel,
Air and smoothness on her love prominence,
And I do send my greeting like a pebble
And down the shore, silver sunlight glitter
And awake in her charms of violet lips
And her appearance over shades of colors
And the beauty in the beach reacts on me
And I am in her love, that embolden in terms
That serves us to hold more breathe over,
The shoulders of love that she bears,
And her free conversation holds me in flame,
Life is beauty in the beauty to love’s signaling
In the core of solvent venture of categorical
And mutual variance of love and bonding,
And then I do like to move in love-speech
The measures I take to greet her in love
And the damsel becomes my valued treasure
Over ages and ages to come and I love her most. 

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