Monday, 19 March 2012


That day all models are walking on the ramp,
All woman are performing like angels in the sky,
The stepping, the style, the movement of body,
Each and everyone contains a story, a beautiful telling
A tale of beauty and creation of lovely fashion creator,
Worth and learned are the creators’ new designs,
And the vibrant are walking of the woman beauties,
All are lines of dominance of beauty, amongst visitors.

Suddenly comes the fall from the wrong or loose stitches,
One woman model startles with her sliding strap
From shoulders, and she somehow holds the dress up,
With her one hand, and walks boldly, swinging other hand.
It tells the readiness of the models to hold missing links,
And women are active to hold that gap in tight grip,
A strange quality that they can do, if not otherwise nails
Of the pencil hill shoes get broken, that may make them injured,
Yet they continue with bright and lustrous walking in light,
And cameramen and industrial crews are holding business true,
It is grandiose, well started shows hosted for selling all
Commodities of life and love, flowering on our body charms.

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