Friday, 30 March 2012


Fortune or poverty is receiving factor, to feel
Love or hate in choices of  terms of selection,
Heart is syllable of judgment to keep harmony
Love is the source of light to live with testimony.
And my woman friend says to me, “What is good?”
And I only reply, “Good is heart’s definable term.”

Like creating body into antibody, fortune takes
My love away and I roam inactive,
Like eternal creating non-eternal, poverty takes
My love away, as searching livelihood turns vital,
And it is the way of loosing love that I feel now.
Now present age of web page love, I am blind here.

And now I am sitting in web page and say nothing,
To me, love is fortune teller, who predicts only,  
Love is like liking nonexistent things, I feel it,
To me, love is conquers of affluent terms only,  
Love is to me like irrelevant colors, resolving nothing,
And my soul has only abode in forlorn supplement. 

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