Friday, 2 March 2012


This morning I wake up in sweet twittering of birds,
“Let one go, if one wants to go.” It fills my mind.
The lord of living one’s soul tells me to follow it,
Perhaps it is the life of all names of this world.

Who is the teller of those words that enter my ear?
It is God, who is guiding me, after painful journey,
And when I am weary, He sends messages on
Twittering from natural circles, not thwarting me.

I like to obey the rule that twittering has instructs me,
And I will be beneficent, and I do not feel aggrieved,
As the earth is not mine alone and others are claimers,
And all have the right to travel where they want to go.

Man and woman, the great assemble of life
And relationship has some provisions, we have to learn,
Choices are different, and one can set new gain,
The showing is touchy, not always heartily majestic scene.

This makes me awake to know the earth
The birds’ twittering makes me to think and find truth,
The earth has provisions to accommodate  every turns,
And I have to think of the life that may bring me peace. 

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