Friday, 6 January 2012


Asim Kumar Paul at International Poetry Fest, 2011, Guntur, India. Photo taken by poet, Dr. Dalip Kumar Khetarpal, on 11.11.2011 


I have come here on my own,
As I love poetry and any activity on it, too.
Only I have a telephone talk with the organizers 
On 06.11.2011 for allowing me reading my poem there,
As I have not been invited to participate the fest 
And have no contribution of their poetry collection
THE FANCY REALM, edited by
Dr. P. Gopichand and Dr. P. Nagasuseela, both poets, 
The two intelligent masters of organizational capability,
I love them.
I feel honored by their good, charming personalities.

I stay there in well established accommodation,
I eat South Indian delicious foods.
Many renowned poet delegates including me, assemble in groups,
Discussing at breakfast over poetry, food, new acquaintances, etc., 
On the balcony from where a new cricket playing ground is seen,
Lovely green grass grown there, maintained with great care, 
Given shape of a garden, having cricket pitch 
In middle of the shafts of grass, and it is like winter landscape, 
And I have enjoyed fine morning there sitting on a chair,
Looking outside, and birds come and go, and 
The sunrays  falls softly over the  green,
A country life, a beautiful vibrant Indian essence of life,
My journey is good one, and I think I would have missed the charm
If I do not venture alone for the long journey along 
In this season. I am moved. 

When it is announced for me to read my poems
I feel gratitude,  I get free mind to tell all my love,
A worthy feeling, to present my words in my poem, 
On the stage, about the life that sings in my heart,
That comes in my mind when I am moving in trains, 
A long way, being it fairy way, pertaining to journey, 
To gain beauty of life, a crystal engrave in my feeling,
That comes in life, in sensation, amused in hearts,
With firmness, with full smile, with beautiful profile 
Of beautiful life, sparkling in eyes.
I wrap my words with three events that I see on the way,
Small things saved from life’s shifting event after event,
And I present my poems in series, 
About open vowel and consonants of life, in complete sentences, 
A form of duration, sensation of life’s existence, 
It is the retrospect and the worldly space of life, I love it, and I adore it, 
And I love in gaining forward reach of time, taking love in rhetoric bits of life. 
-Asim Kumar Paul, 19.12.2011.
Note: This poem is previously posted in Google+, and Facebook, and in another poetry site. Here picture and poem are assembled afresh. 

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