Thursday, 26 January 2012


Better a little love than no love,
Old love  goes out, I learn it in my stupid journey,
I move on my own, on my separate path.

My lady love gives me waiting puzzle,
And I find she has no tolerance inside for me,
And somewhere she writes, "My new friend gives me laughter and giggle."

I learn there are many ways to deny someone,
Who is nothing but a crazy and lost vibration,
Hard it is to me to believe, a friend cannot be lover.

A voice comes inside my heart,
"Please search someone who can feel your heart."
-"What I can get from the new one?" I question.

"What do you mean what happens in your mind?" is the inside answer.
-"I mean to love another woman who takes me
as valuable one, a friend and a lover, too."  I answer.

"A man has to possess what a man can do himself." is the inner answer.  

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