Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Passed are those days when love has walking passage

Not propagated in the like manners that we do now in web pages.

I do not let me go as my teacher’s messenger,

As he intends me to carry a letter to his lady love,

I love him and also honor him, my teen’s God,

For his success as teacher from a poor family,

And I sit down before him on a mat on ground

To listen his lectures on math and chemistry,

To bring a full solution on his notes on my copy book,

And I consider him a friend of mine, a revered guide.

One day, he becomes vigor to call me strongly

 And says me to accept his proposal for a price,

I become cordial more than what it is to be normal

And I become a passionate to his feeling for love

That he wants it to share with his beloved one,

And I am not a bar on one sense of of songs

That I feel when I read the book on poet Kailas’s Shakuntala

That moves me great to feel the love and its pearls.

My eagerness, my thinking, my soluble teen sense

Make me feel into the emotions of love, a painter’s work

That is in my heart, and common to all hearts,

A beautiful and sober understanding of love and smiles.

And I use my freedom to do the bold job by my heart

And I take the closed envelope containing the letter

That rightly expresses the love in words and well painted

Image of heart’s desire that is also my interest of temptation

What is written in the closed cover, a loveframe.

I feel the urge to meet the unknown lady, to execute my duty,

And I reach her as early I can walk to her near

And I become spell bound seeing her beauty like an angel

Who descends on the earth, and waiting for his love,

And very coldly I hand over the closed envelope to her.

When she looks at the letter, she is emblazoned with blush

As if her first priority is the feeling of the message

That is sent to her from a heaven that is convent dream

And charm of love sense that she is waiting so long

To have the passage to mingle with relief from pains

That is not with her desire, and she wants a freedom

To such love things that can hold her heart’s feeling.

And she lifts her lotus eyes and glances at me, and

She says in calm and confirmed voice,

“Please tell your teacher, I love him, and do not open the letter,

And I preserve it throughout of my life as an evidence of love,

And you are cute messenger who gives me the first message

To overcome the barrier and to remain with him this life and later life too.”


  1. Thank you for your words.


  2. impressive expressions,
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hello.
    WoW! So beautifully expressed.
    Very touching.
    Thanks for sharing.

    The Jewels In You

  4. It's an awesome love poem...a deep sense of unbounded love...just loved it...Thanks for Sharing...:)