Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Ah! First Morning, 2012

I am travelling in a train through a strip of land,
Covered with Teak and Mahua trees,
And a few steps are ahead for the sun
To make a contest of love in morning desire,
A golden moment of rising sun
On plain horizon above green smoky contour,
Creating rejoicing of crimson bliss
That begins with joy of unconditional love,
And I am the traveler in the perception
That makes me awake in the vast range of plain land,
And I am in the train to feel the motion in tandem
With the earth’s speech of praising the divinity
That we learn to define in our words,
And in this plain earth's crust we are in virgin land
Still it has a feeling of origin of learning.
I love to love this sacred universe.

Then comes up the red sun above plain horizon,
As if the sun is empting the love of red heart,
And a circle of sun rays surrounds the sun,
As if the round red aspiration is ready to flood the earth,
That may fill all existences with love,
To our descendants, and we will live in the peace and wisdom,
And I am mused in its beauty,
And I feel:
The sunrise at the seabed horizon is not only the beauty of love,
But also sun-rise at plain land horizon is another beauty of sublime,
And I am filled with first message of aspiration
From first sun rise of 2012
That glows with reverence and unconditional love.

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