Wednesday, 18 January 2012


On my poetry journey, when I am binding words,
And moving with distant web page seachers,
A gentle wave first stimulates my way for noticing,
And a lone follower comes to acknowledge me, coming
From a distant land, I do not know where from it is,
I find I am not falling on congested pathway, 
Some delight, some direction, some existence I feel. 

And by abbreviated name, it may be a woman or a man,
Following my poem, first on the page, no comments posted, 
And warm feeling comes in my mind, I feel 
Calm, an imagination of my lone follower I cannot describe.
My silent observer keeps deep coolness in its marrow, 
Sheltered in wonder silence to adore every word
I write when I am in mood to owe the world
Of love and sequence of random voyage
In my page, a separate chamber of poetic flame
That I try to light words with softest speaking of evolution.
And I am always there in my web page blog, keeping 
One chamber for writing and other chamber for following,  

An energy I always feel to elaborate words for attending
For good writing and keeping me enthusiastic to write more,
Writing from chamber 1 –  viewing from chamber 2
May be it is for one companion who just sits in chamber 2
And sees me like others who are prominent in using words.  

Many times, I think to know this strange observer, 
Every time, I do not reach to conclusion if I would make a stir 
To know her, and instead I love to let this observer stay
Like a special honorary person, who turns to an entropy
And energy to have a morning singing for my writing and love. 

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