Wednesday, 18 January 2012


In my poetry journey, when I am word binding,
And I am moving with distant web page confined,
A gentle wave first comes on my way of walking,
And a first lonely follower comes waking
From a distant land, I do not know either,
On famed passing or delighted green, or altogether,
And by name, it seems it is a woman or a man,
Following my poem, first on the page,
And a trembling sequence comes in my mind,
Calm, an imagination of my unfurled invites.
She is in a chamber where a silent observer is,
Sheltered in wonder silence to adore every word
I write when I am in mood to wow the world
Of love and sequence of random voyage
In my page, a separate chamber of poetic flame
That I try to light with softest wear and capable evolution.
And both we are side by side chambers,
One chamber for writing and other chamber for following,  

An energy sequence in that
Writing from chamber 1 – looking from chamber 2
Enjoying the both means of words and its following jubilee,
A convoy of enthalpy, revealing life’s beauty.

Many times, I think to know her, by sending messages,
Every time, I do not reach to conclusion what to raise more
To know her, and instead I love to let her stay
Into the special height of her chamber, an entropy
And energy to have a morning singing of my love. 

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