Saturday, 14 January 2012


He lives in another world,
He cannot meet her, but he can see her on photos,
And send messages and chat by diamond hands,
Keyboard and webcam are two origins of contact.
Each time she comes on telephone call
And just chats and leaves the site with eagerness,
With feet on the ground, on assurances and words,
He may also appear on her phone call for talks.

Axioms increase and time gets divided,
Each weary looking processed on words,
Morning talks, evening talks,
A process known as talking and caring,
Love concepts, beheld in genesis,
Budding and flowering, complex swearing.

It seems it is a  manner, similar formation,
Moved in sweet wet lips,
That occurs solely on persistent eagerness,
New subjects come in new shapes
To increase combined body turns,
Having a breathing norms, useful words,
Throat soaked, membrane acquired
Sucking ties live, and exchange pursuits,
A devise to fathom her,
A devise to know him,
Her cries, his boldness, both pass through
Vesicles involved flowing inside,
The cell division brings more intimate holding,
New subject, new verb, new object
Mobilized and converted into knowing the moon.  

There come some differences,
An eruption of volcano, conflict on seedling pile,
Reported to appear in bigger way,
Someone for him, and someone for her,
Native land’s paradise of love searching touch
For both of them to feel and acquire from reality,
With breeze, with tide, with whispering
Upright from her symbol of taking localized zone,
A difference comes forward in a long period form
In degrees of love, inside her womanly flames,
A mutual wave, a colored pursuit, she cannot deny,
Sending him the message that she bears in local land,
Steal is done in her nerve tissues, a complete turn,
He also moves in the strangeness of her long term moves,
And he tries to get a shelter of love sailing zeal,
Like graded catalysts of forlorn love, in the real terms,
The vehemence of mate, to seek new converge for love.

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