Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Love Filament

Dear love lady, please keep your body and mind upright,
And feeling of love may be better felt in your crossed delight,
Put no thrust to get one child of love in your bathing aside
And please do not tie your tube of eggs in a surgery alongside,
That you think it is proper for your survival for carrying body sublime,
And love is another source when you feel quivering in your limbs
Those chant the songs of love in an embroiled trumpet of meditation,
And then you feel the pleasure of expansion and contraction
In the firmament of grown excitement in lips touched sliding
On the surface and the inside vehemence of love pulled in bindings,
And then you feel the progressive rhymes to get rich cyclic brewing,
And you feel his inspiration for which you are waiting
And then you easily attach your body parts in the film of gravity,
That creates a love module of sensation like protein’s sagacity
To give birth of smelling that bears the love’s summons to serenity,
And then you will live in a lovely world of thick filaments of divinity,
And a baby may come to give you the life of helices of existence
That is new all the time you give a kiss to the blood you give resonance.  

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