Tuesday, 17 January 2012


The flame of love puts me misread,
It ignites my love as I want to reach her
More than what I have, showing avoiding her. 
My burns are not in customs with her term,
As I dare not to send more vocal upon silence,
And she bears it as natural instinct she holds upright,
And I do not make her bend more on love affair, and
To feel me is not to feel her, instead, or I only make noise,
In the feeling of love, there is one anchor to know each other,  
My prayer is not heard and I cannot tell I am nearest to her,
And it is the great barrier to understand causes of her silence, 
Love and lover, the trust, the motto, the sublime closeness 
Those keep everyone in the sequence of getting together, 
In search of composed and not composed changes 
Of rides of mind over touch and passion, a race in sensation,
Amidst love cycles inscribed in fulfillment of loving quiet.

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