Tuesday, 17 January 2012


The flame of love puts me in pain,
It ignites my love sense as I search for her,
My burns are not in tandem with her tern,
As I dare not to send more censure upon silence,
That she bears as natural instinct she holds upright,
And I do not make her bend more on love connoisseur
To feel me to feel her, in like manner, sacrifice,
A dictum that we both have to follow in belief of love.
My prayer is not heard and I am at a distant land,
That is the great barrier to stand between
Love and lover; the trust, the motto, the sublime
Those keep everyone in the sequence of seasonal terms
Of love in both composed and un-composed search
Of ride of mind over touch and passion, a race in sensation,
Amidst love cycles inscribed in settlement of fulfilled destination.

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