Monday, 23 January 2012


I look at my glass screen to view her,

And I find her presence, talking with someone,

And she perhaps is present chatting box for a long time,

I am happy to see her and

Make my greetings, cheering up at her


Response is first,  “Hi!”

And I find she puts a short poem on her page, 

I think it is a starting point for conversation with her

And I want to make my day pretty moments of talks

To say did she see my deep mood of my love

And I write on the comment box:

“I want you to be mine, 
I want you to be present
All time with honey-sense, 
I want to conquer all that you have, 
Lovely open mouth with rhythmic singing, 
Moment by moment in lovely imprints 
When my heart sinks into loving thunder, 
Feeling of the earth, to drain thirst into ocean."

Immediately after, she writes there,

“Oh! No, my poem is not for you,
My poem is for someone, living far away,
He is not in my direct contact, and 
He is angry with me and does not talk with me,
I write my feeling to express my love to him.”

I feel strangeness in her mind,

Previously I was on the thread many times,

She did not shrink her heart, talking on my thin lines

Of strong thread that she created with me for love,

And she was free to put her words and lines boldly

To complete the tread of love giving me a voice and

Responding me with her echo a confirmed platform. 

Today I feel glass screen is perfect in raptures for moving images,

I learn what it is happened in normal way of living, loving, searching.

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  1. I enjoyed reading this poem and other of your poems. They are full of feeling and observations about relationship, longing and the heart.