Tuesday, 31 January 2012


You first talk with me,
Then you  hide or go idle,
It is an obvious way of neglect,
I learn the code,
An abstract of mind's agony,
And I am dissolved in search of the cause, 
A haunting for love and touch.

Who knows the synthesis?
Inserted it is in opposite to mind’s desire,
An embodiment of loss and broken terms,
A sound secret that I cannot express,
And go with it many days' work
In solitude and desert,
Decoding in your eyes’ choice
And I am living with it
For more than a year,
A texture given in a pensive tie.

Thinking comes into me
I have perhaps wasted time,
With you in favor of love,
And I am not in life’s treasure
That we all want to have
With love and destiny,
And I am not clear to leave or stay
In the idle mode or favor,
Talks are absent in habits, not in blossom,
But I want to build it so long in multitudes
Of love and time, a pensive moment.

Questions come in my mind -
What quality do I have to conquer love?
What is required to love a loved one?
What is the manifestation precisely
I have to quality to generate love?
Only talks are not the work to love,
And there is a perhaps new design,
And I have to appear in a new way,
I feel it for someone to feel love,
Because I have no heroic charms
And I have to plant one motive
To establish identity for love,
Power to write a verse,
And power to establish faith and devotion
That love needs to have with everyone,
And I am blank in that sense, I presume.

Loneness brings me to have in deep sigh,
Mind cannot flee, if love is born and torn.

1 comment:

  1. sad, sometimes, people are simply different,

    there are folks who simply not enjoy heated love,
    in that case, we can not force.