Saturday, 28 January 2012


My mind brings blue bonding in my loneliness, and I go out to see the age, the life, and the transition.

I walk side by side many commuters to the Kolkata Book Fair, 2012 that generates two bonds - free bond and love bond. And young generation persons come down with beautiful hearts to see and feel the growing charms of the earth that bears basic principles of  love and its synthesis. I just accommodate my footsteps with them and I get an entry to the book fair ground, a wave of pronunciation to mingle with rich carriers of love density, sequence, and the earth's travel in blessings of love.

Today is Saturday, a day of worship of Devi Swaraswati, Goddess of learning, a common and great blooming of young pretty girls who get freedom first to wear a sari and move to the book fair ground flickering like eye lashes in the first morning sun light, as images of love and notions of red rosy blooms, having freedom from parental supervision, dwelling in different ways of teens' love in heart and mind. This is the first dancing time to travel in giant love platform in delight, and it is our Valentine's Day and it is our symbol of first love, first touch to someone who is first known person with promising love, brought up to the shore of oceanic feeling of love, hopes of luminous deal of love and desire that signify the crown of measures and treasures of sweet feeling, in an active control of perception and testimony; and it is a profile of corresponding loving heart with words, bonds, basics of thoughts and womanhood, liking one beloved friend travelling in book fair ground, flowing through lordly stands on love complements with elements of judgement of love bonding patterns, a big leap for gains, free breathing space, a gentle touch, and this is the time to feel affection to a new friend in pure love interpretation.

The earth gives dreams of love,
in repetitive simplicity to know the birth.

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