Thursday, 5 January 2012


I love to live in solitude,
as my birth is like bad rug,
and I can't fight back,
letting everything to be minor things,
and solitude is a kind of gifted one
that I inherit from my misdeeds,
and I can’t clean those bids,
a sequence of unbreakable things,
that I don’t love, yet I do slip in its den.  

I want to live in solitude
in cleaning of my misdeeds, and
I want to love the morning dew
that gives me a moment of feeling to love,
and there is some mapping and projections,
I love to stay in solitude,
to feel fragments of love,
as I want to live in love,
and solitude is like meditation
of life and experiences,

and in this momentarily withdrawal from events, is
A boost to present myself as the best gift of God's blessings.

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