Thursday, 19 January 2012


No, I do not love you,
As I see you in your changed form,
As you are not on earlier expression,
You are now different from
What it was earlier in your red hands. 
The vessels of my blood do feel inflammation
Response is now a silence that is a burden you inflict,
Now I cannot acknowledge you at every pale chatting,
You feel no delight of my calls,
You overrule my love by force to specify terms 
To feel, you do not love me anymore, and steal something.

You young woman, you live in my heart,
Your young mind, I love it, I adore it,
In whose response I do love you, honey,
It is heaven; you give me nature’s delight,
I love you that time; you look in my eyes,
Gladdened me in a role during talking
And now you are ignoring me all the time.

O dear lady beauty, I do not love you
I do not understand how my affection
Gets married with your loving enthralls  
Binding me in selection of  your reasons,
I am now lonely, and cannot transfuse
My love into real loved one, but remain not
In saintly devotion in search of love, but with marks
That keep me settled to live in compassion,
And it is my delight and it is my fate and fashion
As you are my lost perfection, a gap created,
And now I am in search for love of togetherness. 

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