Saturday, 21 January 2012


A little distance can give feeble gain or nothing,
Across the open wave path, viruses are accompanying,
Sunlight may be pale to give love sense, heat weakening,
And I have to face the question:
What is love from a distance?
Of deep talks, I am in battle of thoughts, so long
I cannot touch the love wall, far away from its shadow,
As if my feeling goes down with weak stream of love
And I am clear I am late to feel the breathing twist
That has some hard feeling in cloud sense of love,
And I have to think the darker possibility than secured one
In a love trip, a careless choice of random joining.
And the answer may be “We take or give nothing what we share.”


  1. true thoughts on distanced love.

    it is a belief, or a mischief.

    follow your heart, blessings.

  2. Wander, browse already been
    It will be interesting to many
    life, a life unexamined life
    and I, your fate, so they spread it to you.