Tuesday, 17 January 2012


She comes like a little girl,
Completing home task given in school,
Like a moonlight to fill the earth,
A bottom of love I do feel on her path,
That gives a fresh breathing in my stillness
That so long stays with me as I am
Not talking with her, to feel it in the form of fire,
Every time she talks giving long assurance,
And I don't forget all her words, assured or uttered, 
As I am mature one to catch hold of words' Live Sea, 
And have passed a long way with the history,
Even if, in her talks, I feel comfort and pleasure,
How she shapes whole of our loving occassion
When we are bound to sit in agreement in secret journey, 
As if she holds all of me - my heart, my body, my life -
To clean all narrow thinking so as to create broader skyway.
She is thus makes me fueled to move on dancing wheel,
As if the universe is making us to be one glorious love,
And we are sweet couple in our teens,
And we experience first sense of touching and kissing
For the growing longing in body and mind,
A sense and a communication to the whispers of rising hearts,
Where body shape-lines changes manifold for ultimate bonding,
We are on the way of clicking of favored buttons,
On the web page for victory of life's pride we are searching for. 

Sweet dreams are still with me and remember
The days when I talk with her, she guides me with love.  

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