Sunday, 15 January 2012


Today I take bath in the Subarnarekha,
The nearest river to take a holy dip,
Where devotees of small numbers gather
To earn holly grace by dipping in its water.

There are no Baul songs on the bank
To have a charm of a holy village fair,
It is a practice to observe MakarSankrati,
And we are a few devotees in the holy bath.

I remember in my childhood I escaped
From home and went to the holy village fair,
When all devotees of the village gathered
To observe the harvest festival on the bank.

People came for ceremonial dips there,
They mingle with themselves, talk with one another,
To feel love in the deeply felt urge,
And they depart from the bank and it is the tradition.

Devotees gather, as pilgrims at  Ganga Sagar Mela,
A place in the joining of the Ganga with the Bay of Bengal,
Pilgrims take dips in the ocean for redemption of sins,
For living in peace and healthy, to earn purity of soul.  

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