Monday, 16 January 2012

Muhabat (LOVE)

Sumara Anjum

tum muj say kehtay ho,
tumain muj say muhabat hai,
yay tum nahi jantay,
suno dost,muhabbat main,
kam ya zada koi pemana nahi hota, 
es main apna paraya nahi hota,
yay hoti hai ya phir nahi hoti,
es ki shakal badalti rehti hai,
muhabbat zinda rehti hai,
muhabbat zinda rehti hai,
kisy na kisy rishtay main,
kisy na kisy taolaq main, 
yay hamaray sath rehti hai,
yay hum main sans leti hai,
han dost!
yay kam ya zada nahi hoti,

muhabbat hoti hai ya phir nahi hoti...

 English version  by Asim Kumar Paul 

It is true
You are telling me -
You do love me -
How deeply you do,
It is not in your thoughts.
Dear friend, just listen -
In counseling of love
It cannot be scaled more or less
In it, no appetite as of -
It is mine
or that is yours -
Does exist, or pinch inside.
Love blazons all the time
It does occur or does not either,
Yes, its process changes
In form and in content,
Love keeps itself alive
In all forms of relationship,
In all forms of affiliation  spelled,
It dwells within us pretty well,
It takes breathing with us,

Yes, dear friend,
It is neither cut short nor elongated.

Love does occur or does not either.

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  1. thank you so much for this :-)... btw my poem is inspiration of another poem by a famous youth poet of my pakistan...:-)