Friday, 6 January 2012


I am one, who takes stand,
To live not in puzzles, but in the wind 
Filled with kind hearts, bright lovers' laugh, 
To see one another's voice and an loving alley,
That is composed of tiny shines of love
Carrying a stream that grows into that great feeling,
To fill lovers' heart and mind, all that breaths 
With wisdom in the tide and nodes of beating hearts
To claim and reclaim of our essence,
That passes through our veins, caring body,  
To make us comfort in love in each other’s regions,
For the entry and re-entry through routes of dream,  
In the healthy loving expanded in body and mind,
Having promises and cool attitudes and forgiveness,
At the highest healing touch, without complaining. 

And it is poetry that drives perpetual feeling of
Loving consciousness, I want to dwell in it,
With hope, intention to adjust and share peace 
With each other's bonding relevance, challenges, 
Dream is not for gaining something, but for 
Noticing something to create beautiful life. 


  1. it, specially the last three lines!

    1. Thanks dear friend, Shweta, for your beautiful comments.