Saturday, 7 January 2012


Dear lady love,
You have broken my love
Into two fragments –
One is Empty and other is Words –
Love does not shine in any one,
And I feel I am deprived
Of your love,
As I can't read your mind,
And it is astonishing when I say
“I do not leave you.”
You only make words,
And your response is odyssey of pain,
No sense or feeling,
Dry leaves of a dead tree,
I don't feel I am being,
Your words assign no sacrifice,
And words are only words,
And after that comes one moment
Of imbalance, only words of loss,
All blank episodes of shrunken world,
Day after day
I wait for a reply.
But my mail inbox is empty,
Showing 0 e-mails to read,
And again I send a mail
To your e-mail address:
“You are in my mind,
And I do not leave you.”
Then I find a reply
From your wild life:
“I am busy with my work,
I do not remove you
As you are my special one.”
And again there is silence,
There are no words coming,
I am becoming frustrated 
You are not showing you are
In sacrifice and in pain, for not with me.
There lies the mystery
And I feel I am the proxy lover,
In this modern internet coverage.

Breathing in depressed love,
I do live in sagging panorama
That is stirred by woman's love,
But I am in frenetic destitute,
Like a dead man with dead skin,
As a whole it is lost verse of love,
I am like a dead snail in a sea beach,

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