Thursday, 4 October 2012


You with blushing smiles,
Do come on your planned way,
Mingled with wild ethos
Those get change on the grace,
On a day in winter season,
Snow yet to fall on yellow surface
Of the earth, enriched in random choice,
I live with this dream.

You come on my way,
To ask me what I want
On the feather skin, soft like melting dew,
On grass, hands on the shore,
To hold your chin to look into your eyes,
And then ride on oceanic mystery,
Wind and swing of words,
Will bring waterfall on secret charms,

And I will mingle in your bloom,
Careful in your pursuits,
Moving me in your touch,
On the vast exploration of the earth,
Expression can build the expectation.
It gives me tide
That opens the window of love,
The speech of life begins in syllables.