Monday, 1 October 2012


Phone in shades of color
With aluminum backing
Or plastic-rubber casing,
With touch screen
Is now essential for talking
Hello in the morning,
Far from countries across boundaries,
And we sit on communicative world,
Vibrant as a galaxy over sound around life,
We are moving talking on talking,
Stirring the wave in the air,
Through aptitude of our innovations.

Amazing things are cameras
With Wi-Fi stream that moves
Cloud to cloud to show pictures
On realm of eyes over our life,
That is enlightened with imaging perception,
Over human existence
With the life and the nature,
With images running before eyes,
Eager to learn for gallants and fancies
Of our creation and participation
With reflections of life,
Inclined mainly on photographic treasures.

And in the very existence
Internet has prudently creates
Connections over interpretations of life,
And continues to find time, and ensuing events
From pictures of our primary activities,
To the world of knowledge and messages,
Like funny things as consumers,
Giving the earth’s grace,
That is filled with happy or angry reflections
And we move about our forms and contents,
With which we move over ages and pursuits.
We are living now in websites and on line consumption.  

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