Monday, 8 October 2012


In all seasons of my life,
I have traveled a long way,
To hold loving delight,
In my mind, in my folding of arms,
The touching of very beauty,
That will have essence to tell me
About the score of life, and
Sweet spells of the life and the moment,
Drifting tide in my veins,
On its way to my heart,
The very enthralls of my feeling,
That I can hold and give security,
It is way of my loving sacrifice for her.

Like a flower she comes,
Respiration does hold the charm,
I only try to say,
“Pretty things are for adoration,
And accepting it is like
Dissolving in love, when mind is
Eager to meditate in its liberation.”
She then equips her beauty
To hold me in deep of her beating heart,
It is like dissolving in sensation,
I mingle with moves of realization,
It is her love that is my delight. 

Note: This poem first published in Creative Outlet Ventures
on a discussion of my poem, ON BEATING OF DRUMS in 

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