Tuesday, 23 October 2012


This poem is for Mrs. Suchitra Bhowmik

Age by age she passes eighty two years,
With life, having lightness and darkness,
Now she has one friend who is baby
And she is not known for the time being,
As life have fractions on tiny family,
Living far away, with occasional visits,
To the great-grandmother, who is
Perfectly living with existing force,
Yet feeble to recognize her nearest one,
It is like claim and reclaim of time cloak
Over the stage of cell bounding events,

The baby is acquainted with parents
And little with grandmother,
Now renewal for acquainting with
Mother of grandmother is distant aspect,
The baby is bewildered, and cries,
The baby does not rest with her embrace,
Yet it is great energy to hold the baby
With other hand that is known or unknown,
It is the life of creation,
And we all move with the significance,
And the baby is energy of our living,
With passage of time, we are disciples
Of the great creation, we are bounded in. 


  1. homely relation and love, very well penned.

  2. god has created us, so different but profound as individuals,.

    your words are deep and moving.

  3. Love to all the Great-Grandmothers, of which I am one.