Wednesday, 24 October 2012


In the internet flowing of messages, images,
You come in your page and video stream,
With your beauty in valley of thousand likes,
Where from I began singing love songs,
I dig it with your pretty eyes,
And with your loving countenance,
I admire it for long time of wishful messages,
For love and sequences of offering ring,
That I win on my loving whispers,
And your absence, it seems love is done,
Becomes great stealing prisons of love,
With assurances of pains of feeling,
I am in that sense of losing a part of life,
With remembrance of your past presence.
And answers of love are sweetest songs of the earth.

When she bents, I see her back,
Hands covering her breasts, over her shoulders,
She is beautiful, like swimming lady with
Night meditation, a sequence of hair falling,
Upon my eyes, and I can smell loving pleasure,
With her high and low breathing over life
That is the source of loving movements
With fragrance of flower that she uses in perfume,
And her body becomes one source of mingling
In the watery wall of swinging delight,
It is now a message of love and dream of the past.

In search of identity, I am like monsoon cloud,
I look on your face that is like a loving woman,
And it is the sequence of signaling ordeals of light,
With many things of sustaining stories,
And these are the wishful assets of happiness,
Healing touch moving over love and its doctrine,
Flowing away gently, doing nothing on my calling,
I think it is a dream, as if winds of love caught
For a moment, I just get past of snowy living. 

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