Tuesday, 13 December 2016


Time comes when persons do not learn much about universe, and start speaking much about it in the public place. If this image makes me to speak about the garden, I say one miracle of life that began wedding corona thirty five years ago while standing in this grove which is like Markarian 335. The stem dreams, droops, from ground to the sky.

Time comes when persons do not know about life and hardship, and start preaching, sentencing and remodeling everything in tandem. And I remember the time when I began my first life in the act of gardening, an easy greenery dream, preparing for the sun, the moon and seasons to live in.  Maybe I dreamed that time the courage to turn everything in my favor with my partner. The garden then was once mirror of life and unknowable events.

Time comes when persons do not know about walking on air, and start walking like rose petals swinging into air and travelling into sky’s skirmishes. Yellow leaves just bent to the earth with eventuality to mingle with crust that is final with terminal name. Now it is time to leave strangeness of this garden, when new stem starts to shoot transcription into light of the sky, violently needed for another journey. You cannot hear the sound the spiraling of earth, the music and the emancipation.

Winter morning
Dazzling stem of tender leave,
Emblazoned sky.

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