Saturday, 17 December 2016


This morning, flowers make room for merriment,
No glass filter tantalizes dream in this moment,
Everyone thinks of love, pleasing guideline prevails,
No need of wailing, we try to clean up blot-entails.

Paddy corn grows golden, ripened for harvesting,
Words for humane values, erasing differences within,
Taking lovely December to dismantle worrisome masks,
You know what humane canvas looks like, in Merry Christmas.

Pous Utsava, a dream festival of Bengal comes every year
In VISVA BHARATI, a central university campus,
Founded by Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore,
A colorful rural carnival blazons with multicultural ambiance.

How the earth takes blisters around its surface,
Without falling apart from its rotational gravity,
It can walk with petroleum burns, disastrous spots
Those are once hurling so many volcanoes from origin,

Atmosphere being bottom of carbon dioxide in the sun,
Blue becomes abysmal of illogical land space of tantrum,
Every time we come near extinction, yet we attend
The source of energetic breathing, and accumulate life span.  

Time gathers no dust; dream does not hold self-destruction,
We learn weeping by birth; the sun makes us enigmatic, to
Know the truth, even if we are maligned by our own faults,

We learn walking from where center of gravity teaches us balancing.