Sunday, 18 December 2016


My living standard is deteriorated gradually,
All favorite usable entities like electricity, internet, etc.
Are becoming costlier day by day and
I have to drop all of them from my usage
To go back to the land of marooned compostable,
I see that some people are enjoying them desperately.

Tricky measure comes forward to think about it,
So that I may engage whole time with this trick,
Edibles like fish, pork, mutton, chicken, vegetable,
As if, those are getting compostable, to me, in price tag,
As if I am not washable person, preserved to be disposable,
I see that some people are enjoying them desperately.

Am I one oversized man? Am I one odd man in intricacies?
Terrible situation over my head to look into
I have done nothing yet my path is complicated,
Neither a middleman, nor a grouping man,
Nor throng into violent species, yet I am treated
As disposable in this world of equal sharing resources.

My eyes get wide when I hear someone takes cake
With hot coffee, lunch with fish fingers, hot mutton curry,
I then open my window and see I have had once of
These edibles, my income was low with low price index,
Now I turn to bones, with low income, with high price index,
Only imagination, I live, someone exists lower to my income.

On otherness reality, I live; garbage plastic pickers are also living,
Without dole, without home, without mantra, only on struggling.
Beautiful earth, motherland, expectation, reluctance, swirling
Around every life, I am not so lucky to enjoy natural things,
Only walking through clouds, forget to observe inner beauty,
Deep breathing exults over burning smoke, satire to creativity.