Saturday, 24 December 2016


She spends time in making herself softer
In every move and breathing by learning,
Transforming, perfecting, controlling self,
Through coverage of web idols, blushing
Her beautiful, in sweet lips, in soft voice,
To be more beautiful, more attractive,
Responding to silence, to fill up space
With desire, the nature has created it
Through its charms and warmth,
She thinks she is not wrong on her grace.

She finds a listener many years walking
On snow, across a binding stretch, and
He can record all in dreaming, desiring,
Yet fails to display everything matching to
Her wishes, portraying as distant person,
Although having lovely expression, as
Chatting on social webs-sites does not imprint
Walking along virtual space over real stream,
Making her determined to walk along

For more interactions in the New Year sunlight. 

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