Saturday, 1 October 2016


When I began my life
At the age of eight, I found that
Fishes were caught in fishing net,
I still remember that day
When father came with some fishes
Those were alive
And were suffocating with grasp in open air,
I feel pain for them,
But as there was no food for us,
I had had to determine -
We had to eat them fried or cooked.

Now when I am retired person
I find there is one achievement living with
Some kind of dishonesty, and
That achievement provides us food in
Lieu of our work for achievements,
And we are at feet for mercy, as
Such quality designs for us to live with, as we are at no power
For struggling for life we deserve to have
Where honesty is for food and shelter,
It is rethinking and rethinking,
But we are plunked into that pond
That grows so many fishes,
We are not of that claim,
We are the cultivators,
We are the litigate claimant of the beneficiaries,
We are radically honest,
Yet we are deprived of,
And we are the origin of gaining of so many billionaires.
Yet we are underway. 

Car is resounding, we are dancing.