Friday, 7 October 2016

TRINAYANI DEBI DURGA (Three eyed Goddess Durga)

That day I was present in Kumartuli
And the perfection idol artisans do their best.
They make delight in every idol of Devi Durga
Her third eye lashes calm instead of whip,
It is her dream world that makes us to think
And rethink about narrowness to grow wide
To find delight amidst pieces of blurred insights,
Stubbornness cannot be final attraction.

At present, entire feeling is stretched to anxiety,
We want to hear echo at every edge of life,
That seems to be blinded, coerced to pain
And shame, as if we are at prey to demons’  
Whip and passage of life is not translucent,
And we are in search of delight in secrets
Of passage of source of realization of
Life’s present, past, future identity of marveling will.

No mimic we want to fabricate in our superior dream.

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