Friday, 7 October 2016


It is the Baul song that gets you in a momentum,
With vibration of life after answers to questions of watery path
With philosophical praise, taking these people in uniform
To live a life that is different from our living attitude,
Cool they are, simple they are, not sycophant,
Yet full of vigor, full voice of rhythms, time and progression
Are in movement of their life’s significance,
Dancing floor is not always stage, it most of time is ground,
They shows how they move in every occasion of regrets,
And raise and understand the downward and upward of storm,
With a tune of flexible and relatively stable footprint they want
To establish amid inclined blood soaking hunger, the words
Of their voices make invitation to upgrade essential motivation
While dancing in contrast senses of life with essence of alleviation
For the wind to create a life that bears no smoke but full of delights.  

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