Tuesday, 4 October 2016


Now we are worry about everything, we are
Paving into an eventful world, shaken by videos
Taken from a roof-top, showing we are at
The verge of getting spared to cracked objects,
Getting lost into the air, before we know it,
Birds cannot prove out what it is that makes
Us tensed to ride upon phosphorus tandem,
And one sycophant just doubts praise, in that
Someone spreads cloud smoke over the road.
We have to bear a test how we swing in torture,
Looting and selling expand to make us vaporize.
Yet we have to move and move for eagerness,
More and more doors we need to open
And cloud just washes away dust from our way
So as to making us not cracked from back,
A mirror is placed for our coming into being.

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