Thursday, 15 September 2016

Short story slam week 53: BOOKS

Books are playing values of words’ meaning,
“Learn more, love more, and move for totality”

Books are not meaningless bones to carry
Wreckage, nerveless audience for strained feeling,

Designs and texts are published in artful creation,  
Words are seen, read, felt, held image deep into heart.

Just think how much you are alone after student life?
Reading, writing, examining were then like prayer and hope

To live happily outside the gate of the institute,
You cannot describe it in freedom of winding livelihood.

ATM cards, internet, web page are just charred account
Of the life, this is nothing but monotone, languishing pain.

A printed book has smell of paper, shows up liberation
From conduit of hidden black web sites, across island

To mainland to world, and books adventurously enriched
With knowledge and courage, for life soon-to-be-glorified.  


  1. rich content, I enjoy the way you think of books

  2. well done stories on reading experiences and expectations.

  3. sharp eyes,
    lovely comprehension of books, information, poetry...