Monday, 12 September 2016


I remember the days, when
She was first with me in rain,
And we sat on the bank of this pond
For long, dancing in emotion,
To stretch hands to catch rain-drops,
Having our bodies wet in water
Of rain, with great excitement,
That we felt skin touch
To melt in exultation,
Now memory fills my mind.

Rain was her favorite language
To pronounce love to take me, to
Ripe focus of untold expression,
And she was obvious to perpetuate
Love in my presence, happy dreams,
And every rainy season she sat on
Cemented stairs, built going down to
Middle of the pond, and she made
Every move sure to gain love,
Even one day she pushed me in pond
When it was raining heavily,
Swiftly I came out of the pond swimming,
And embraced her, it was euphoric.

Today I sit alone, she left me many
Years ago with someone she found best,
The sky brings rain; cloud is full of tears,
I am alone to remember blank raining visuals.

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