Saturday, 24 September 2016


I am moved because I know it is white
Down from clouds to flowers
On the way of whole tour,
Somebody shows me love for beauty.

I never say to detract you,
Even at the time when I am crushed
And I am here to call all beauty -
Grass, flowers, clouds are neighbors.

I do still hold child’s feeling,
With blooming of Kans flower,
At every step of growing concept
Under the sky it is version of delight.

The cool breeze accommodating clouds,
Softly blowing over flowers
Bending upon touches of love,
Not injecting a simple hurt.

Still there are other movers
Buses, trucks, rails are current stimulus,
Pedestrians are threatened
To obey rule of scattered law

That you start out on modern wheels,
Otherwise end up with catastrophe
Happening with every walkers
Marginalized from rest of world,

Yet mind is omnipotent for more love,
It searches with bare feet for eternity,
It avoids thunders and patchy choice

Of sycophant motives, - long silence. 

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