Sunday, 22 July 2012


She is now a new grandmother, and
In the form of newness of sea change,
Neither her daughter-in-law, nor her son,
Does know for the time being
What feeling she is bearing to the new comer.
She rises up to be generous to all,

Yet none to share her dream,
As her daughter-in-law is service holder,
A proud mother of present time culture,
The middle aged mother feels the pain,
When new mother is away from home,
Leaving behind the new born to grandma.

And grandma thinks of the past
Of her son, how deeply and carefully
She nourished, being always at home,
Minute to minute she took quiet look,
It is like silent shore to know and to hear,
The wave and the sound of the new sea,

And thus she made her son adult
With love, and now he becomes a father,
And does not feel the share of his mother,
Who once as young mother loved him more,
And in little mistake, if she does now
To her grandson, she feels the angry score.

Grandma knows how to make one baby
Happy and smiling in cherished mood
Born in a baby, and she acts in that way,
And when his son and daughter-in-law
Return home, they show displeasure
To her, as if she does not know child caring.

Things are painful to her,
And she plays like a slave to her son,
Who is changed in the wave of newness,
That comes from huge printed book guides,
She feels like snow to live in frozen tears,
Dreaming for a country where she has no son or grandson.


  1. "The Mistake of a Grandma" is an evocative poem
    that nicely depicts the predicament of the old generation in adjusting with the contemporary reality of modern life style.

  2. Excellent one. This is the real picture of city life which expresses the bitter experience of aged one.