Thursday, 26 July 2012


She is grandmother
She knows the worth of baby grandson,
Sometime she is feeling like a picked up flower,
That comes in her mind in bubble moves.
She now is living without him,
Far away to look after her ailing mother.

She feels loneliness, and takes notice of her feeling,
That is reeling under awful rainstorm,
When she sits alone after performing duty for mother,
She thinks of the baby, whom she loves most,
As if she joins hands to pick grass roots of her love,
A frozen lake sends silent voice in grief and pain. 

Taking her time to telephonic talks with his son
Who sends, in long intervals, messages of her sweet grandson,
That is not her sensation of joy, but a short cut
To reach curious looks of naughty grandchild
Who was once her lap when his son and daughter-in-law
Went out of home, and she was glad to look after the baby.

From the dance of baby interfering in her lap,
She sees her dream in glittering of bay’s toothless smiles,
She smiles with him, cuddling deeply with kisses and hugging,
And she does not know computer uses, and
Cannot share in web video sharing with the baby, yet over life,
More blessings she prays for grandson’s smiling all the time.

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