Tuesday, 17 July 2012


The world of her loneliness moves with her return at home,
When her son is away with his wife and her daughter living with husband,
She scares herself for a moment in execution of her existence like stars,
As she wants to stand as upright young heart living upon green grass.

Of late she is feeling loneliness; none is there in home to greet her,
And she thinks about the mode of expression of love in sharing with dear one,
She thinks about questioning her friends about best way of expression of love,
Or she is just thinking high in getting and taking someone descending upon her.

Her neighbors are friends, who are on her web page friends’ list,
She feels good as long as she is with them as she is talking with them,
She has given expressions on the page like bosom on the moon’s love,
Then wind of love blows like avalanche in the snow picked mountain.

Kids are kids; they are grown up to think for themselves as if they are spring water,
And move as they like to take their lives as their own, taking mother as ornament
That is great God, rather than thinking of her as human being to be taken care of again,
When she thinks of bad things in dark shadow of her living, she shed tears like a child. 

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