Friday, 20 July 2012

Lover’s Existence

Short Story Slam Week 23: Lover’s Existence

Wordle: Today's Weather
                                                         Image Credit: by Meredith Storm via Wordle-Create...

That is an imagination,
Of the future and of the dream orchards
Wherein I dwell, yet cannot touch.

All imaginations glitter,
As if rain of loving clouds of the earth,
Wets my heart with spirit of creations,
And I am filled with limitless energy.

I cannot rehearse daydream
That comes if I feel disinterested
With my beloved friend, who has first come in
My life in July, my marriage month.

I cannot halt for a moment
If I differ to my loved one’s bitterish anguish,
As the life I deal now is full of freedom
To know my lover’s existence all the time.  


  1. Good job on the challenge.
    Very enjoyable read.