Thursday, 3 November 2016

Short story slam week 56: PASSPORT

Image Credit: Feng Zhao
Ajodhya Hills, Purulia and Gate of India, Mumbai I travelled by bus and train, two interesting places of the land that needs no passport. Unless an incident does occur in my computer, unless imagination can figure out a password for an entry, I cannot find out Silicon Valley, I cannot see debate on electoral campaign between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Dust from battle ground does not stuck on my face, to look nicer; because I go to Egypt for learning how to bash my face, either in summer or to be wrinkle free in winter glaciers. With this password, I go to the places where none plucks bones for human usage, and I find a composer of music and patience.

Not more to acquire,
Not less to create,
Not spreadsheet to calculate, 
Present moves to infinity,
Everything on time.