Wednesday, 2 November 2016


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Children, Halloween, pumpkins decorated as if having teeth,
With candy and candles, happiness after giving treats, trick-o-treat,

14 clay oil lamps, Bhut Chaturdasi, Haunted house cleaned,
14 leafy green vegetables, complete neatness, great feast,

Clay lamps, candles, Diwali, a cleaned house in realm of lights
To make sure path for dispelling of darkness and ignorance,

New moon night, Kalipujo, worshiping of angry Goddess Kali,
She killed dacoits, demon Raktabeej, whose blood gives birth
To another demon when touched with ground, and he conquered
Three universes - the heaven, the world and the hell – and
She saves all the universes with her motherly loving secrets.

Kids’ celebration is kids’ world of refreshment. Adults’ celebrating world fumes in boredom in a house that is left alone with drops of blood.   

We do not need plastic body. Real grapes are not sour. I am lovely as you are lovely to me. Fake vignette cannot be picture of disarming someone. Grass level and atmosphere have many spectrum of heat waves intertwined, and common is water vapor that needs coolness for birth and rebirth of showering of well-being stratum.