Monday, 7 November 2016


Home, yard, street, shadow,
Illusion, silent words of the earth
Glimmering soul.  

Roots, tree, fencing,
Corridor of love and hope,  
Reflections of life. 


The moment I sit there -
Light, night, nature do all things
Thematic shower,
Lines of light stimulates
Reflation, images, solidarity
With creation of dancing reality,
Celestial creativity,
Divine functionality,
Illuminating propriety,
Prevailing sanctity,
No passport to travel
In its natural blogging,
But tangential touch
Elegant boundary,
Submissive landing,
- All take me to a key land
Where money, honey, crony tide
Do not occur, and image of imagination
Has created a paramount standing
Of sovereignty, beauty, soothing
Merriment, we ignore it so long.

If we slow down light’s moving feathers,
If we cease to work and swallow jewels of colors,
We will lose trust of feather’s gleam and hope.