Friday, 13 December 2013


The child is feeble
His eyes go deep into face,
Yet he eats, dances, moves,
Cries, smiles, the red face
Looks pale when he baths,
Mother says his structure
Is so, and she messages cream
To remove his paleness,

I only pray to God, Lord,
Please keep the child moving,
You love him,
You care him,
I am an onlooker,
And if I put advice
I fear my eyes will
Be blinded forthwith,
And my mind cries
On my helplessness
As the world is for theirs,
My old age burns are
All fake to them,
Other relations are nothing,
And I do not put my finger
Into the fire,
That will kill my whole essence
And the child will remain
In their whims, and child lives in pains.

I whisper to the world
God may hear my words.

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