Saturday, 14 December 2013


She returns home with haste
Stops for her little son
And makes him prepare
For the journey,
She has no time to listen
To her child who has
Something good in his mindset,
The child has own choice
For shoes and sweater to wear
In winter, while
He is going out,
And he utters, “Other one”
He is yet to speak in full.

The child cries with bursts,
Holding his choices - shoes
And sweater to wear
In mother’s company,
She had no time to attend
Child’s untold feeling,
And she fakes his choice
Stuffs a mother’s choice,
Jumps into hasty move,
Avoiding crying of child,
And lifts the kid
Like a colored balloon,
In her lap, and the child
Crying profusely,
Still holding his shoes
In one hand and sweater
In other hand, and keeps
Them under his care
Not knowing the secret
Of his mother’s apathy,
And his mother says,
“We are in a hurry,
Time to catch bus is going out.”

The child don’t understand,
What mother is saying about,
Crying profusely, he throws
All he holds in his tiny hands,
Slumped on the hard concrete floor.

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